Resin Pathways

Garden Paths

Garden paths can be troublesome to maintain. The soil from flowerbeds can pool and cause them to sink. It becomes more difficult to maintain clean borders, so you will have to recreate your garden’s paths on an annually basis.

This is likely because you are searching to solve one or more of the above problems. Resin garden paths may be the answer. Resin paths offer an eco-friendly alternative to messy and difficult garden footpaths.

Resin makes it safer for garden tracks to be used: the permeable properties of the surface should allow you to notice the difference after the first heavy rain. There are no puddles or wet patches of water.

Resin pathways are easy to navigate because they are non slip.

Resin paths can be laid by hand and make any landscaping design possible. The resin paths can be made to work with special shapes, steps, elevated areas, and uturns.

Each pebble is carefully coated with a UV-stable resin to make the surface durable. It is not only resistant to daily wear and tear, but also to the destructive effects of sunlight. There is no cracking or fading. If you choose a brighter colour, you can be sure that it will look great year after season.

There are a variety of colours to choose from

It is possible to colour code pathways to different destinations from a large garden.

Every stone is securely bonded with resin to ensure that there is no loose material.

This reduces the possibility of tripping.

This is a popular choice because the installation is fast, it lasts long, and even though the design is complex, it’s easy to maintain.

You should expect compliments from neighbors and guests when you install resin pathways.


We can help you if you’re thinking about creating a new path or restoring your walkways with low-maintenance decorative paving.

Our resin bound systems give your patio the appearance of loose gravel with a smooth porous surface.

You can create paths that have a classic feel with our buff aggregate mixes or modern greys. A coloured aggregate option is available if you’re looking for a splash of colour.