Based on 2008 government legislation, there are two conditions to be fulfilled for you to install a surface without a planning approval.

First, the surface you mean to cover should be no more than 5 square meters and second, the brand-new surface needs to be permeable.

Resin bound areas satisfy the second condition which means the setup will be done without requiring any special consent.


The unique and finest feature of our resin bound surface areas is that we can personalise them to fulfill your special needs. It’s one of the simple methods you could use it to increase the worth of your house and make it look spectacular.

And to assist you do this to perfection, we have a team of competent designers and installation specialists who will encourage you on every essential aspect of the procedure simply to guarantee that you arrive at the outcome you wished for.

Our products

As the primary Resin driveway business, we serve both domestic and business needs.

This includes setup of resin bound applications such as

Affordable projects

Whatever you needs we have the ideal surface service for you. Speak with us to find out more about our other services.

SUDs compliant

Like we pointed out previously, our resin bound surface areas fulfill the condition for installing a surface without a planning consent due to the fact that they abide by the SUDs legislation.

So unlike the dozens of conventional systems we have around, our surface areas employ sophisticated ways that assist it manage the excess water in a unsustainable way that likewise doubles up as affordable.

Additionally, the surface is permeable enough to permit water to drain through it and this really helps to avoid flooding, puddles, slippages and the danger of ice during winter.

At Resin Drive Installations, we seek to help you to browse every part of the procedure with all the acknowledged specs in mind. Our aim is to deliver results that satisfy your best expectations.

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