Why Should You Consider a Resin Bound Patio in Nottingham?

You can create a stunning patio in your garden by using resin bound gravel.

The patio is fast becoming the center of our gardens. Patios can match all moods and occasions. They can be used to entertain family and friends, or as a quiet retreat from the outside world.

While this multifunctional and useful space has been around for years, most of it has been made from block paving or monochromatic cement. Resin Bound patios continue to be popular because of the beauty and practicality. This article discusses the benefits of Resin Bound patios as well as explains why Resin Bound is the ideal choice to improve garden spaces of all shapes and sizes.

Resin bound patios are elegant, practical and beautiful. These patios can be made from high quality dried aggregates and UVR Resin. Once the resin has been mixed, it is trowelled to form a consistent and uniform finish.

Resin Bound patios offer a wide range of gravel colors in a variety textures and shades. From contemporary greys to rich goldens, natural greens and fiery reds you can choose the color that best complements your brickwork and creates the atmosphere and style you desire.

The Resin Bound patio can look modern and sleek, or it can be the focal point of a cottage garden. We have all spent many hours trying to de-weed driveways and patios. Resin Bound patio slabs offer a great alternative to block paving. Their quick clean-up is easy and they resist weeds.

Maintaining a Resin Bound patio requires only a few minutes of brooming and a simple spray wash. Safety is also important. A traditional patio’s paving may get uneven with age, but a Resin Bound patio has a smooth finish which eliminates any potential hazards. Resin Bounds can have glass added for slip resistance. Resin pathways can be connected around the patio, even on slopes.

A resin bound patio floor is made from a mix of aggregates that can be colored or natural. This mixture is suitable for creating a patio space, both in residential and commercial settings. Resin patios have become a popular addition to the landscape and have transformed many outdoor spaces for homeowners and visitors.


A patio is often a key component of any garden. It gives you a place to relax, take in some sun, and spend time with those you love. The stylish alternative to gravel or block paving is resin-bound patios.

The patios made from resin-bound are very versatile and simple to install. These patios can be placed around existing features, such as raised beds, gardens steps or ponds to showcase what you have.

Resin-bound patios require very little maintenance. This means that you can have a beautiful outdoor space with minimal effort. You will no longer have to worry about maintaining wild and unruly gardens.

Resin-bound patios are available in many different colours and textures. This allows you to create the patio that suits your taste. No matter if you are looking for a patio that transforms your outdoor space, an anti slip pathway, or a driveway to solve drainage and flooding issues, we can help.

Resin Bound patio installation is not something you can do by yourself. It is possible to create problems and make it more expensive. We have our own team of highly skilled technicians to handle every installation, so you can be sure of the highest quality work in both the inside and outside.

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